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50th Anniversary Measurement Showcase

National Physical Laboratory
Nov 2014

BSSM organised a special event to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary which took place at the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, London, UK on 4 November 2014. A reception and dinner took place in the evening at the Park Hotel in Teddington.

As part of the event, the "Measurement Showcase" comprised a series of presentations covering the development and future prospects of the key experimental techniques in wide usage in current research and industrial applications. Internationally leading researchers across a range of subject areas attended to present their work in plenary sessions.

The Showcase followed on from the successful ICEM16 conference organised by BSSM, and celebrated achievements alongside exciting new developments. There was an exhibition of current instrumentation as well as a ‘trip down memory lane’ with exhibitors displaying old cameras and equipment, and participants also presented posters on their work.


Small Scale Testing within a Correlative Multi-scale Framework
Prof Phil Withers, J. Fonseca, B. Winiarski & T. Burnett
University of Manchester

Residual stress measurement: why, when, where and how?
Prof David Smith
University of Bristol

Thermomechanical analysis of material behaviour
Prof Janice Barton & A. Chrysochoos
University of Southampton  

Thermomechanical analysis of material behaviour - strong coupling effects to quantify stresses
Prof J.Dulieu-Barton, R. Fruehmann, D. Crump, R. Waugh, G. Battams
University of Southampton

Soft tissue biomechanics and its challenges for experimental mechanics - Focus on blood vessels

Prof Stephane Avril
MINES Saint-Etienne, University of Lyon, France

The evolution of high and ultra-high speed imaging from qualitative to quantitative 

Dr Philip Reu and M. Nissen
Sandia National Laboratories, USA

Integration of DIC into VFM: how do measurements contribute to identified material properties?

Dr Pascal Lava, D. Debruyne and F. Pierron
MatchID, University of Southampton

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